Toda Corporation and other consortium members installed a 2MW-class floating wind turbine called Haenkaze on October 28, 2013, off the coast of Kabashima Goto, Nagasaki prefecture, as a demonstration project from FY2010 to FY2015 led by the Ministry of the Environment. Haenkaze is the world’s first floating wind turbine with a hybrid spar-type floating platform which has a lower part of the concrete and upper part of the steel. This project was successfully completed thanks to the understanding and support of residents, especially local fishermen.

In the project, continuous efforts have been made to deepen knowledge of floating wind turbines through its operation and maintenance for the commercialization of floating wind farms. Furthermore, the impact on the marine life and environmental conditions of the surrounding sea has been investigated for the co-existence of fisheries and offshore wind farms. In the results, the safety and eco-friendliness of the floating wind turbine were confirmed.

After the two-year demonstrative operation off the coast of Kabashima, Haenkaze was transferred to 5km off the coast of Sakiyama Fuke Island, which is about 10km from the original site. Goto Administration and Goto Floating Wind Power LLC have jointly continued the operation in accordance with Goto City’s Basic Initiative for Renewable Energy, which aims to promote floating offshore wind turbines.

Photo of power generation

                               Photograph by Hoichi Nishiyama