Progress in practical application of floating offshore wind turbines

2007Joint research by Associate Professor Tomoaki Utsunomiya of Kyoto University
(currently professor at Kyushu University) and Toda Corporation commenced
two-dimensional water tank experiment at 1/100 scale (Kyoto University)
2008Deep water tank experiment at 1/20 scale
(National Maritime Research Institute)
2009Ocean field experiment at 1/10 scale (Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture)
2010Demonstration project outsourced by Ministry of the Environment
Demonstration Site selected(off the coast of Kabashima, Goto City)
2012Small-scale experiment model (1/2 scale, 100kW) installed; Japan’s first
grid-connected floating offshore wind turbine
2013Demonstration model (2,000kW) installed; Japan’s first commercial-scale
floating offshore wind turbine
2015Demonstration model relocated to a site off the coast of Sakiyama
2016After completion of project by Ministry of the Environment, operations continued as “Sakiyama 2MW Floating Offshore Wind Turbine” by Goto City and Goto
Floating Wind Power LLC.